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Microchip Training Courses

From £249 (inc vat)

MTA Microchip Training Courses

Please complete this form to register your interest and receive a quote from Micro-ID

This training course is provided by Micro-ID. By registering your interest and submitting this form, you agree that your details will be passed on to Micro-ID. They may require additional information to create a quote.

About the Course

The Microchip Trade Association (formerly known as the Microchip Advisory Group) is an organisation created by the UK's leading microchip suppliers to create and maintain the highest possible standards for pet microchipping in the UK.

From February 2015 the government introduced new regulations stating that any non-veterinarian wishing to complete microchip training must complete an approved course.

Micro-ID has created a government approved microchip training course to offer people in the pet industry an affordable training solution to enable them to implant microchips safely into dogs, cats rabbits or ferrets.

This training course has been developed due to changes in the legislation for compulsory microchipping in dogs. Before this there were no official training standards in the UK however many of the MTA members have been providing microchip training to the highest standards for many years.

The course is supported by a training manual sent out to you in advance, so you have more time to do the practical session with the trainer.You will be trained to use both the Mini-Chip that were launched in 2011 as well as the standard 12mm microchip.

On the day you will have a good understanding of the micro chipping procedure and we will spend a couple of hours running through the theory of micro chipping including a thorough look at all the different types of equipment available, the database and finally the procedure itself.

There will then be a formal assessment where you must demonstrate the procedure and your understanding of how all the equipment works to our assessor as well as a short written assessment.

You will be required to provide a minimum of 3 animals per person for the course to microchip plus a demonstration animal for the trainer. You must provide at least 1 dog per person plus cats, dogs, rabbits or ferrets as the other animals. They must be of good health and in the case of kittens and puppies, we advise they have had their 1st vaccination however this is not compulsory.

If you have any sort of disability or condition you feel may affect your ability to microchip please contact our office to discuss your concerns further, to be able to complete the microchip training you should be confident handling animals on your own.

Prior to booking the training course, Micro-ID will need the following details from you to register you as a learner.

  • Full Name, including title and previous/maiden names if applicable
  • Full residential address (and training address if different)
  • Contact details – Landline, mobile and email address
  • Date of Birth
  • National insurance number
  • ULN* if applicable

*If you have started a Government approved course in the last 10 years there will already be a learner number (ULN) for you, if you know what your ULN's is please send this to us. If you think you may already be registered but don't know what your ULN is, please send the above information (including any postcodes from previous residences, if applicable) and we will find your ULN on the register.