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Compulsory Cat Microchipping in the UK

Key Points:

  • Deadline: Microchip your cat by 10 June 2024 to comply with the new UK law.
  • Age Requirement: Microchip cats before they turn 20 weeks old.
  • Fine: Failure to comply with the legislation may result in a fine of up to £500.

Why is Cat Microchipping Important?

The UK government has introduced compulsory microchipping for all owned cats to help reunite lost or stray pets with their owners and improve animal welfare. With over 9 million pet cats in England and around 2.3 million unchipped, the new cat microchipping legislation aims to make it easier for missing cats to return to loving homes. Microchip Central is here to help you comply with the new rules and keep your pet safe.

What Does the New UK Cat Microchipping Law Require?

The legislation requires cats to be implanted with a microchip before they reach 20 weeks old. Owners must keep their contact details up-to-date in a DEFRA-compliant database, such as Microchip Central. The deadline for cat owners to comply with these new rules is 10 June 2024. Owners who fail to microchip their cats within the given timeframe will have 21 days to comply or may face a fine of up to £500.

How to Microchip Your Cat in the UK with Microchip Central

The microchipping must be performed by a licensed professional. If you don’t know any, Peddymark can help you find a licensed implanter. Imported cats must be microchipped within 30 days of arrival in England. If they are already chipped, Microchip Central can assist with a transfer to our DEFRA-compliant database.

Who Qualifies as a Licensed Professional

Certified implanters, veterinary surgeons and nurses, all qualify as licensed professionals.

Become a Microchip Certified Implanter with Peddymark's Microchip Implanter Training Courses

Interested in becoming a microchip implanter yourself? Peddymark offers comprehensive Microchip Implanter Training Courses for those who want to learn the skills necessary to provide this valuable service for pet owners. Our professional trainers ensure you receive the knowledge and hands-on experience required to become a qualified microchip implanter. Upon completing our training course, you'll be certified to offer microchipping services to pet owners and play a crucial role in improving animal welfare and reuniting lost pets with their families.

Fancy becoming one of our Angels?

Scan Angels provide a free service in the UK, operating 24/7, scanning lost pets to help reunite them with their owners quickly and easily. With three times as many Scan Angels as dog wardens, they are usually the only way to find lost pets outside of office hours. Even if the pet has no microchip or the owner cannot be reached, Scan Angels have access to all relevant local authority contact numbers. They are clearly a vital resource for pet owners and an excellent alternative to expensive fees or unnecessary trips to rescue centres.

Help your local community by becoming a Scan Angel with Microchip Central

Offer to scan lost pets for microchips and contribute to your local community. As a Scan Angel with Microchip Central, you can scan pets within your area, checking if their chips are working properly and noting their location. You can choose the days and times you're available to help, and only your contact number will be visible during those times. Join the effort to reunite lost pets with their owners.

Author: John Lamb / Posted: May 15th 2023
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