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When you receive your DogTrac ID Tag or Key Recovery Tag you must activate it. Simply type the 7 or 8 character code into the box and click activate. You will then need to enter your details so you can be contacted if your pet or keys are lost.

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Pet positivity

How your pets can benefit your mental health All of us have mental health, and taking care of it is just as important as taking care of our physical health.  Just like the weather our mental hea

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Author: Emma Webb / Posted: September 13th 2023

Going on holiday? Update your pets chip!

Going on holiday? Remember to update your pet’s chip!  Planning for your beloved furry friend's well-being during your holiday can be both an important decision and an overwhelming ta

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Author: Emma Webb / Posted: August 17th 2023

Unravelling the Mysteries of Pet Microchipping with Microchip Central

Uncover the benefits and intricacies of pet microchipping with Microchip Central, your go-to solution for pet microchipping needs. Understand the importance of microchip registration, learn about the

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Author: John Lamb / Posted: May 22nd 2023

Compulsory Cat Microchipping in the UK

Key Points: Deadline: Microchip your cat by 10 June 2024 to comply with the new UK law. Age Requirement: Microchip cats before they turn 2

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Author: John Lamb / Posted: May 15th 2023

Pet Microchip Services Limited Announces New Acquisition

Pet Microchip Services Limited (13946193) is excited to announce its recent acquisition of the assets of Microchip Central Limited.

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Author: Microchip Central Team / Posted: April 24th 2023

Top Dog Breeds and Popular Names

We’ve spent the last week analysing our database of hundreds and thousands of dogs to find the most popular dog breeds and common names given to breeds in 2018 and 2019.

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Author: Microchip Central Team / Posted: May 6th 2020

Lucy’s Law – The Crack Down on Puppy Farming

On Monday 6th April the Government made an important announcement. The introduction of Lucy’s Law. The new legislation will see a crackdown on low-welfare, high volume supply of puppies and kittens.

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Author: Microchip Central Team / Posted: May 4th 2020

247 VetLine & COVID 19

The Vet Connection who provide the 24/7 VetLine for Microchip Central Premium Account holders have been operating for over 16 years providing accessible, convenient, cost-effective and high-quality

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Author: The Vet Connection - Veterinary Nurse / Posted: April 6th 2020

Top Tips for Your New Puppy

The excitement can get the better of many new puppy or dog owners. To help you get prepared, check out our walk-through guide with all the tips and tricks you need before life as a new dog owner!

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Author: Microchip Central Team / Posted: April 6th 2020

How to Choose Healthy Puppy Food

Want to know what healthy puppy food should contain and why? This blog by Butternut Box's in house vet explains what you should be feeding your new puppy and why 97/100 dogs choose Butternut Box.

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Author: Ciara, Butternut Box in House Vet / Posted: April 6th 2020