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When you receive your DogTrac ID Tag or Key Recovery Tag you must activate it. Simply type the 7 or 8 character code into the box and click activate. You will then need to enter your details so you can be contacted if your pet or keys are lost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Implanter or Vet FAQs

Q. How much do you charge for microchips?
A. We supply both the Standard (12mm) and Mini (8mm) microchips. Microchips come in boxes of 10 and cost £3.80 per chip for implanters. If you are a veterinary practice you may see a different price within your account. If you are looking to place a large order, please contact us for a quote.
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Q. How do I order microchips?
A. You must be a vet or certified microchip implanter to order microchips. You can place an order online from within your account.
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Q. How can I get free microchips?
A. You can get free microchips by building up credits in your account. You will need to buy your first box of microchips but will receive a starter credit when you register.

When you register a microchip on Microchip Central, and the registered animal has been transferred to the new keeper, you will receive a credit for the cost of the microchip in your account. E.g. If you microchip a litter of puppies and register them to the breeder, when they are transferred onto the new keepers you will see the credit automatically added to your account.

Credits are valid for 6 months and are automatically deducted from your next order.

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Q. What is included in the complimentary Puppy Pack?
A. The Microchip Central Puppy Pack includes an information brochure on the Microchip Central database including how to transfer a pet into the new keeper's details. We also include one of our DogTrac ID Tag and Key Tags worth £15 and some other great offers such as 75% off Butternut Box freshly prepared dog food.

We are always searching for new treats and discount to offer our new puppy owners so our Puppy Packs are constants growing and changing.

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Q. How can I order Puppy Packs?
A. You get free Puppy Packs with every microchip order. If you are a vet or implanter, you can order microchips online and will automatically see the Puppy Packs added at checkout. You can update the number of Puppy Packs up to a maximum of the total number of microchips ordered, e.g. if you order 30 microchips, you can add 30 Puppy Packs.
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Q. How can I fix an error I have made when registering an account?
A. If you are a vet or implanter and have made an error on an account you have created, or pet you have added, you have 3 days to make any changes. Click 'Search Microchips' within your account. Search the account holders name, email, or pet's microchip number and click on it to edit the information. After 3 days you will need to contact Microchip Central. Note: you cannot update a microchip number or implant date.

If you have made an error on your own account, go to 'My Profile and Settings' then 'Edit My Profile' to make changes.

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Q. How can I access my invoice or receipt?
A. You can access previous invoices and receipts from within your account. Just sign in to your account, click 'Buy Microchips' in your account admin, then 'Your Orders'
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