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When you receive your DogTrac ID Tag or Key Recovery Tag you must activate it. Simply type the 7 character code into the box and click activate. You will then need to enter your details so you can be contacted if your pet or keys are lost.

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Lost a Pet

How to Report Your Pet Missing

This service is only available to premium account holders (If you are not a premium account holder, you can choose to upgrade when you sign in for a £10.00 plus VAT fee.)

  • Report your pet missing from within your account
  • Automatic lost pet notification are sent to our local Pet Watch community
  • Get text and email alerts should the microchip be searched if you have reported the pet missing. Locate where the search took place on a map
  • Automatically log your pets microchip as missing with the Scanner Angel network. Should the pet be scanned, a message will appear on the scanner notifying the person that the pet has been reported missing

If your pet goes missing, please sign in to your Microchip Central account and report it missing immediately. Simply select the pet that is missing, then click 'Report missing'. You can pin point exactly where your pet went missing by entering a location, or dragging the marker on the map to the last place you saw your pet, for example if you were out walking. You can zoom in on the map to increase the accuracy.

Once reported as missing, yours and your pets contact details will be sent via email and text to everyone in our Pet Watch community up to a 5-mile radius to help get your lost pet home safely and quickly. It's like a lost pet poster on every local street corner immediately.

Once you have reported a pet missing, you will receive text and email alerts should the microchip be searched to let you know the pet has been found. You will also see exactly where the search took place on a map.

Your contact details will be displayed to the finder when the microchip is searched (if you have consent to this within your account).

The UK Scanner Angel Network

If you report your pet missing, the microchip number will be automatically uploaded to 30,000 Halo microchip scanners in the UK. If the pets microchip is scanned, it will appear as missing. This helps stop dog theft, the resale of stolen dogs and fast reunification of lost dogs.

When you are reunited with your pet, please remember to mark your pet as found within your Microchip Central account.

You can also:

Always keep your details up to date

If your pet is found by a dog warden or welfare, and they cannot contact you, they may destroy or rehome your pet within 7 days. It is vital you keep your details up to date on Microchip Central to ensure you can be contacted quickly and efficiently if your pet goes missing.