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Leading by example. A young girl's mission to educate the world.

A child holding a stuffed animalDescription automatically generatedKirsty’s Microchipping Story - 

“Over the half-term break, I went to stay with my grandmother in her cosy home, and little did I know, we were about to embark on an unforgettable adventure. As I unpacked my things, there was Josh, a familiar face peeking out from my bag – my cuddly cheetah teddy my mother had gifted me. Josh accompanied me everywhere, filling each day with fun and laughter.

But, while we were happy to have Josh with us, I started to worry: What if he wanders off while we're out having fun? The idea of losing Josh scared me a lot, so I tried to find a way to keep him safe. At first, we tried a collar and leash, but Josh didn't like them. So, my grandma and I went to lots of charity shops until we found a soft harness that Josh really liked.

As a child who loves animals, I was super excited to hear about the new law saying all cats had to get microchipped. I knew I had to make sure Josh was safe. While chatting with my friends on video, I had an awesome idea – Josh needed a microchip, like, right now. I begged my grandma to help, and after some talking, she said yes. I made sure to tell Josh that it wouldn't hurt and that he'd come back to me if he ever got lost. 

Then, I got ready for the job. I held him tight while my grandma put in the microchip. Josh stayed calm the whole time, not knowing a little chip was keeping him safe. He didn’t move, it didn’t hurt him at all. He was now protected forever. After the chip was in, I insisted we register Josh right away.

I called Microchip Central, and they were super nice and helpful. Microchipping Josh wasn't just about following the rules; it was about keeping him safe. Now, when we go on adventures or just chill at home, I feel better knowing Josh has a secret helper if he ever gets lost. With Josh all microchipped and registered, our friendship feels even stronger, and I'm so happy knowing my favourite cheetah is safe with me, forever.”

Kirsty’s story has filled us with warmth. Microchip Central deeply appreciates her proactive approach to ensuring Josh's safety by microchipping and registering him. Kirsty's commitment to safeguarding her beloved companion demonstrates exemplary responsibility and care at just the young age of 10. We are delighted to have assisted Kirsty and Josh in this endeavour by providing the necessary registration and complimentary keeper items to further ensure Josh's security. Kirsty's dedication to following the law and prioritising Josh's well-being is commendable, and we hope their bond continues to flourish knowing that Josh is protected for life. – Microchip Central

In England from 10 June 2024 it will be compulsory to have your cat microchipped from 20 weeks of age. Failure to comply could result in a fine of £500.00.

Author: Emma Webb / Posted: February 24th 2024
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