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Reunited after 7 long years

Reunited after 7 long years...

A heartwarming tale, a story that showcases the power of love, microchips, and the incredible bond between pets and their keepers. It all started with a simple scan.

Earlier this week, one of Microchip Central's valued Scan Angels received a call to scan a mysterious cat. The chip was scanned, and microchip information was unveiled.

The magic of the story begins. The vet informed them that the cat had been missing for quite some time. So much so that the keeper's emotions overwhelmed her upon hearing the news that her beloved pet was not only alive but thriving. The cat had been living rough for at least a few months, and it was a true testament to her resilience.

That's not all, though. This beautiful cat had been missing for an astonishing seven years!

When the keeper was contacted, the Scan Angel learned she was unprepared for her furry friend's return. She had nothing ready, no food, no bed, and she had to rush to work in just 15 minutes. The keeper couldn't even jot down our contact information in her flustered state. Instead, she asked the vet to provide her phone number so we could connect.

In a heartwarming twist, our Scan Angel offered to foster the cat for a few days to give the keeper time to prepare. The cat was timid and fearful, so they took things slow, providing food and reassurance from a distance. This little feline had been through a lot and needed time to adjust.

Then, the moment we'd all been waiting for arrived. Returning the cat to her keeper. When she heard her keeper's voice, the cat began rubbing against the side of the crate and even rolled onto her back for tummy tickles. She purred contentedly and continuously head-bumped her keeper. It was a beautiful, tear-inducing moment that shattered doubts about cats' memories. She knew she was "home," even though the keeper had moved twice since her disappearance, and the cat had never been to this house.

This reunion was made possible by the Scan Angel system, a lifeline for reuniting lost pets with their keepers. The kind soul who had initially managed to 'corner' the cat could not take her to a vet due to health issues and had already tried social media to find the keeper.

Microchip Central is proud to represent Scan Angels and expresses our gratitude while providing this invaluable service for all pet people.

The heartwarming story of this cat's seven-year journey from being lost to finding her way home reminds us of the enduring love and connection we share with our beloved pets. It's a testament to the power of microchips and the dedication of pet lovers who will go to great lengths to ensure that every furry friend can find their way back home.

Author: Emma Webb / Posted: October 18th 2023
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