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Unravelling the Mysteries of Pet Microchipping with Microchip Central

Securing the safety of our pets is a top priority for all pet owners, and microchipping has become a widely adopted method to achieve this. In the UK, for instance, approximately 91% of dogs are microchipped. Despite its prevalence, the concept and benefits of microchipping are not always fully understood. This article aims to unravel the intricacies of microchipping and highlight the services provided by Microchip Central, your comprehensive solution for pet microchipping needs.

Understanding Microchipping

A microchip is a tiny electronic device, approximately the size of a grain of rice. It is enclosed in a glass cylinder and injected under a pet's skin using a hypodermic needle, with no requirement for anaesthesia. Each microchip holds a unique number that can be detected by a scanner. When a lost pet is located and scanned, this unique number can be used to access the owner's contact details.

The Significance of Microchip Registration

Microchipping in itself is a relatively simple procedure, but its effectiveness hinges on the registration of your pet's microchip. The microchip is only valuable if the associated registration information is accurate and updated. If the contact information linked to the microchip is incorrect or outdated, the microchip will not serve its purpose of reuniting you with your lost pet.

Microchip Central streamlines the registration process, allowing you to register your pet's microchip online instantly onto our DEFRA-compliant database. Furthermore, it provides the functionality to update your account details, such as changes in address, ensuring your contact information remains current.

Understanding the Limitations of Microchipping and the Role of GPS Tracking

While microchipping is a highly effective method for pet identification, it does have its limitations. As a passive technology, it does not provide real-time tracking of your pet. The microchip only aids in identification once a lost pet is found and scanned by a vet or a shelter.

For owners seeking real-time tracking, GPS tracking devices, such as those provided by Safer Pet, offer an excellent supplement to microchipping. The Safer Pet tracker provides real-time tracking with an accuracy within 10m and includes coverage across Europe. It also allows for tracking multiple pets simultaneously using a user-friendly smartphone app.

The Advantage of Consolidation with Microchip Central

One notable advantage of utilizing Microchip Central is the ability to consolidate your pet registrations. If your pets' microchips are registered with different databases, you can transfer them to the Microchip Central database. This consolidation minimizes potential fees and reduces future administrative tasks such as updating details.

Microchip Central also features the DogTrac ID Tag, a unique offering that can be activated via the website. This tag serves as an extra safety net, allowing anyone who finds your pet to access the keeper's contact details by searching the DogTrac ID Tag number.


Microchipping is a crucial component of safeguarding your pet's well-being, but understanding its capabilities and limitations is equally important. Microchip Central offers a transparent and user-friendly platform for all your pet microchipping requirements, making the process straightforward and efficient.

Ensure your pet's safety today by registering your pet's microchip with Microchip Central. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet's safety is secured. Visit Microchip Central today!

Key Takeaways:

  • Microchipping, a widely adopted method of pet safety, involves injecting a tiny electronic device under a pet's skin. This device holds a unique number linked to the owner's contact details, aiding in identifying and reuniting lost pets with their owners.
  • The effectiveness of a microchip is strongly tied to the accuracy of the registered information. Microchip Central facilitates an easy registration process and enables updates to account details, ensuring current contact information is always linked to the microchip.
  • Microchip Central allows pet owners to consolidate their pet registrations into one DEFRA-compliant database, simplifying future administrative tasks and potentially minimizing fees.
  • Microchip Central features the unique DogTrac ID Tag, an extra safety net that allows anyone who finds your pet to access the keeper's contact details by searching the DogTrac ID Tag number.
Author: John Lamb / Posted: May 22nd 2023
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