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GDPR and Microchipping of Pets Webinar

Are you compliant or complacent?

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The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on 25th May 2018 and is designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe. The GDPR aims to protect and empower all EU citizens data privacy and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy. The principles of the GDPR are the principles for good data protection but what impact does this have on microchipping.

As a microchip implanter the way you process (collect, use, store and dispose of) personally identifiable information (PII) are impacted by the changing regulations. It is your responsibility when collecting PII data to check that organisations you share personal data with, including the microchip database, are also GDPR compliant. Failure to comply and be able to demonstrate compliance could result in fines of up to €20 million or 4% of annual turnover, whichever is greater.

Friday May 18th 2018 1pm-1.45pm

This free webinar covers

  • The principles of the GDPR and how they apply to microchipping
  • Approaches to registering microchips and steps to consider with legislation in mind
  • An introduction to Microchip Central’s approach to GDPR


Nick Brummitt – Nick has set up multiple online businesses where data processing and protection were paramount to their operations. To mention a few, Nick founded Wowcher, Cybermarket, DogTrac and most recently Microchip Central. When designing Microchip Central Nick was keen to streamline the registration process, empower pet keepers to take control of their own data, and improve the speed and ease of getting lost pets home.

Richard Fry - Richard introduced one of the first microchips into the UK in 1990 and served on the ISO working group in the 90’s which led to the current global standard for electronic animal identification. Currently supplying microchips around the world for pets, wildlife such as Galapagos turtles, Sealife for sharks and stingrays and more recently for identification of works of art, graves for natural burial grounds, Bonzai and protected trees.

Karis Brummitt – Karis currently works at Redgate software, a Cambridge based company providing database development tools to 91% of fortune 100 companies across the world. Karis has spent the past 18 months understanding the GDPR regulations with regards to databases and worked on the launch of Redgate’s recent GDPR solution. Karis has recently helped Microchip Central work through the GDPR principles and understand the changes needed to comply.