Activate Now

When you receive your DogTrac ID Tag or Key Recovery Tag you must activate it. Simply type the 7 character code into the box and click activate. You will then need to enter your details so you can be contacted if your pet or keys are lost.

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Update Your Details

It is important that both Keeper and animal records are kept up to date.

To update your details please sign in to your account.

Legislation regarding dogs

All dogs must be microchipped.

Current legislation regarding dogs states that the Keeper must record their dog's microchip number, name, address and contact number on a recognised database.  Failure to keep this information up-to-date is an offence and failure to comply could result in a £500.00 fine.

Microchip Central is a DEFRA compliant recognised database.

Transfer of Ownership or Keepership

If your pet is going to a new home you will need to instigate a transfer from within your personal admin area. Choose the ‘transfer’ tab from your pet profile link and simply follow the instructions.